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Thanks for your purchase, the instrument that you have bought is manufactured utilizing the technical and engineering principles and can flare up the charcoal perfectly in 5 minutes for various uses including hookah or barbecue brazier without the oil and gas materials or fire maker. In addition, this device may also be used for making tea and coffee, heating food, smoking peganum harmal, preparing light food, making a variety of herbal teas, and heating the environment.


The best parts have been used to manufacture this device:

* Steel 1000 watt element with excellent quality and very favorable heating capability

* Fireproof wires (with exquisite brass and China fittings) coated with fireproof varnish

* Cast-iron flame spreader plate on the fire resistant element.

* Cable plug with cotton insulation

* The metal body of the device and its inner parts painted with enamel and resistant to the temperature up to 1200 degrees, these cases confirm that Zoghal afrooz as a modern innovation has passed the legal registration process fully. You can see the patent number and the industrial registry number on the hologram of each box of Zoghal Afrooz and on the back of the brochure. 


How to use the device

*Open the box and bring out the accessories

* install the wooden handle on the device body firmly by the screws and washers, as it is shown in Figure 1.





* Place the device on a location that is resistant to heat


* Connect the connection cable including dimmer or the connection cable (on & off) switch to the device socket.


*Before use, read the necessary warnings carefully.




* take out the cast-iron plate from the buffer plastic packet and place on the element slowly and then place the sliced charcoals on the cast-iron plate and turn on the device with the maximum heat. After 5 minutes, the charcoals are ready to be used and you can pick them up by a pair of pliers.




* In order to make tea or coffee, be careful that the content of the teapot should not pour on the device at all. Lower the degree of heat temperature after you made the tea.


Necessary warnings 


*Never place the device on the carpet or flammable location.


* strictly Avoid washing the device with water or detergent and placing it on a wet location.


* strictly Avoid shocking the device, pouring water on the element and inflicting a blow. If you need the smaller charcoal slices, you should first cut it out and then place it on the device.


* In order to clean the device, first you should disconnect it from the power and when the elements get cold perfectly, use a brush or dry cloth only.    


*Avoid using the dimmer at the maximum heat potential more than one hour. You can use it more than one hour in an alternative way through turning down and up the heat by the rotating degree of the dimmer. If you want to use the maximum potential of the device for one hour or longer, you should use the previa wire and switch.


* Avoid scrunching and twisting the dimmer wire and the previa switch, and bringing close or connecting it to the device body. While the device is being used, this may cause wire burning or fire incidence.


* Avoid pouring water on the dimmer and not to turn on the device with wet hands. If the device is used on a fixed location such as kitchen or reception halls, it is better to connect the dimmer to wall by the screw and dowels to prevent a blow to the dimmer.


* Avoid placing the dimmer on metal surface such as metal table, or installing on the metal columns.


* In case of short sircuit or any other danger, you should disconnect the plug immediatly and refer to an electrical expert to repair it. In order to displace the parts or repair the device, you should only contact to the authorized service centers recommended buy producer.


*Keep zoghal afrooz out of reach of childer.

Review the full catalogue in the Gallery section